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4 Reasons You Need an Inspection Using Infrared Thermography

  1. Hidden Problems

With the use of infrared thermography, our trained technicians can identify problems that you cannot see during normal operation. These hidden problems include cracks in the refractory or exposed surfaces on the inside walls of the furnaces. With infrared thermography, hidden problems are revealed as hotspots. Left uncorrected, these hotspots lead to costly heat loss and in worst case scenarios catastrophic failures.

  1. Non-Contact tool

The forward looking infrared technology used by Onex is a non-contact tool. This means our technicians are able to inspect production equipment from a safe distance throughout its operating cycle with no downtime or risk. Like you, Onex believes safety is a top priority and with infrared thermography, we can inspect your furnaces with little or no chance of injury.

  1. Effective and Efficient

Conventional methods of inspection require furnace shut down. Infrared thermography can augment your safety regimen by assessing your equipment during normal operation. This is a highly effective and efficient method for identifying and diagnosing underlying problems.  As part of our inspection, Onex will provide you with a report documenting non conformities or issues requiring your action.

  1. Early Detection Reduces Costs

Early detection provides an opportunity to proactively correct problem areas before the equipment fails and you incur costly production downtime. Our quick and accurate inspection will provide you with a roadmap you can use to guide your maintenance planning decisions. In addition to the assessment, Onex will provide you with recommended solutions and the associated budgetary quotes.  This information is helpful when presenting maintenance/repair options to upper management for budgeting and planning purposes.

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