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5 Tips for Finding the Right Partner

It All Starts with a Meeting

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Like people, businesses do not operate in a vacuum. They interact and depend on relationships with others; including customers, employees, suppliers, even friendly competitors. Often a business partner can be the key to long term success.

The best of these relationships are built upon common goals and mutual success. These are often referred to as “partnering”. And like personal relationships, finding the right business partner can be challenging with many considerations:

Are they reliable? Do I trust them? Do they have your best interests in mind? Are they committed to the long term? Will they be by your side if the going gets tough?

Wait, we’re still talking about a business partnering right? Yes and like choosing a personal relationship it helps if you have a few simple guidelines.

5 Tips for a Successful Partnership:

  1. Consider each company’s overall goals. Are your goals aligned? If not, you may be creating new problems rather than creating a productive relationship.
  2. What do you want from the relationship? Even when you have the same overall goals, businesses may have different reasons for partnering. Ensure you discuss  expectations to avoid frustration and disappointment later.
  3. Be realistic. Identify each companies’ strengths and weaknesses. You choose each other for a reason, get to know each other!
  4. Plan to communicate. Disagreements are bound to happen. Be proactive by scheduling regular meetings, including both parties. These are an excellent opportunities to bring up issues as a normal course of doing business.
  5. Pre-nup. Okay I’m kidding about the Pre-nup. However, important issues should be detailed in writing to make everyone accountable. Let’s make our expectations clear and hold each other accountable.

Choose a Trusted Business Partner: Onex

All kidding aside, we understand that finding the right company isn’t easy.  In the end, it is really about the people you will work with everyday and the values of that company.

At Onex, we believe a partnership starts with listening well and working closely with our clients to meet their unique needs. It is also about company values. We treat our employees and coworkers with respect and likewise they care about the quality of their work and the success of our clients.  Onex’s culture is founded on trust, and this makes us a better partner to our clients as we work together for mutual success.

Remember, it all starts with a meeting. Call Onex today to set up a consultation.

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