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aluminum melting furnace

An industrial reverb furnace is an impressive sight to see, but what about the smaller, yet still necessary aluminum melting and holding furnaces? Should these smaller guys hold the same significance on your shop floor?


Why the interest in aluminum?

Demand for a light, strong, corrosion-resistant, and recyclable materials have given rise to a broader use of aluminum in modern manufacturing. The market for die cast aluminum parts in 2018 registered at a value of USD 24.91 billion, with an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of a 10.1 % increase from 2019 to 2025. The two primary industries employing aluminum parts are automobile and aerospace, with the transportation sector as a whole accounting for 61.5% of revenue share in 2018 as fuel costs and environmental concerns spur  automotive and airplane manufacturers to design and build more lightweight energy-efficient vehicles.

In addition to transportation, we see more and more electronic companies replacing steel and plastic parts with aluminum components due to it’s non-conductivity, strength and corrosion resistance. The CAGR for consumer durable goods such as electronics is projected to rise almost 11% from today through 2025.

There are other incentives for using aluminum. It can be easily recycled and repurposed and does not lose value.  Aluminum retains it’s strength and properties even after many melts; once impurities are removed, aluminum can be used again indefinitely. Since it is 100% recyclable, reused aluminum has an extremely low carbon footprint and is an lower cost and ideal alternative to new aluminum, which has a costly extraction process. 

Given all these trends and facts, aluminum is expected to be the material of choice for manufacturing for many years. As foundries, die casters, and manufacturers respond to market demand, they will need well-made dependable equipment for their operations.       


Onex’s Blue Diamond Line


aluminum tilting and melting furnace

Onex works with a wide range of industries, but aluminum takes a top spot on our list. Our 50 years of knowledge paired with advanced technology enables us to custom design and build top performing aluminum melting and holding furnaces. Our equipment and services enable our customers to be more competitive in the growing aluminum marketplace.

To compete on small batch, specialty alloys, you may need our Blue Diamond aluminum tilter/melter furnace to improve operational performance and increase your production capabilities.


Aluminum Tilter/Melter Key Facts


  • The Blue Diamond Tilter/Melter allows for a fast melt rate with 1500# and 2000#’s tapped every 90 minutes. 


  • The melting capabilities are conveniently located to production cells, which allows for an efficient production process. 


  • You can charge, melt, and tap within 90 minutes and reduce energy costs by reducing the amount of time spent holding molten metal.


  • The aluminum Tilter/Melter increases your product offerings to your customers by offering smaller batch jobs and allowing you to change grades as needed. It will also increase metal output due to the quick turnaround of charging, melting and tapping the metal every 90 minutes.


Remember, Onex offers a full range of aluminum furnace support services, including precast launders, refractory repairs, new furnace design and installation, and combustion services.


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