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Industrial Furnace Series: What’s a Box Furnace?

All About Industrial Furnaces

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Hello, reader! Welcome to our newest blog series about Onex’s Blue Diamond Industrial Furnaces. In this series, we will take the opportunity to share what we know and have learned over 40 years designing, building, and servicing industrial furnaces. Onex is well known for a wide range of services from refractory to combustion services to precast shapes, so as I begin, some of you may be surprised to learn that Onex also manufacturers small to mid-sized industrial furnaces. Onex’s in-house team of technical specialists custom-design and manufacture furnaces for the client’s application as well as to their unique “pain points” such limited facility space, government specifications, energy efficiency, and target operating costs… to name a few.

In this multi-part series, we will examine a few of our more
popular Blue Diamond furnace configurations such as Box
Furnaces, Car Bottom Furnaces, Hood Furnaces, Tip-Up
Furnaces as well as purpose-built Blue Diamond Melters &
Holders and Quenching Systems.

Blue Diamond Box Furnace

blue diamond box furnace

So, let’s get down to business. Many of you may already work with Box Furnaces, but for those who don’t, you may be thinking, what exactly is a Box Furnace?

An industrial Box furnace is an essential piece of capital equipment for many operations; especially forges. Box furnaces are used for multiple thermal processes applications, including forging, stress relieving, normalizing, and aging of various materials.

As you can see in the image above, a box furnace is larger in scale and more robustly constructed. Box furnaces feature a vertical lift door allowing you to place products of all shapes and sizes directly onto the hearth. Our Blue Diamond Box Furnaces are of heavy-duty construction, and ready to handle a wide range of parts and materials. Temperatures in these furnaces can range from 400°F – 2,350°F with a uniformity range meeting client specification.

If you are worried about cost, you will be interested to know that Onex custom manufactures box furnaces to easily integrated with your material handling systems so and they can be an effective solution within your operational budget goals. We know furnaces, and Onex can design your box furnace to meet your unique requirements for production rate and flexibility, all at a competitive cost. Also, by utilizing innovative programming and best in class refractory, Onex will work to optimize your box furnace for energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

Onex custom designs every Blue Diamond Box Furnace to meet our client’s unique specifications including; production temperature tolerances, material specifications, plant layout restrictions, or material handling requirements.

The Onex Difference

Our relationship with our clients is our priority. In a way, our clients part of the Onex family. Unlike some other manufacturers, Onex stands by our clients well beyond the delivery date of your new furnace. We have dedicated technical staff on hand to offer support and to serve a wide variety of services with your new machine.

In addition to designing and building Blue Diamond Furnaces, Onex offers a full range of Furnace support services:

  • Installation. Onex’s construction team is experienced and will ensure your new furnace is installed quickly, correctly, and on budget.
  • New furnace start-up training and supervision. Our skilled technicians offer onsite training and guidance to ensure your team can safely and effectively operate your new equipment.
  • Repairs and relines of refractory linings.
  • Combustion services as well as field technical support to help you solve onsite challenges.
  • Material procurement has never been easier than with Onex. We have can source the materials you need.

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