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Project Manager

Project Manager

Posted: 2/8/2019

Location: Erie, PA

Job Type: Full-time

Onex, Inc. is an industrial furnace service company that builds and maintains furnaces for all heat intensive industries. Onex began as a stocking distributor for regional foundries and has grown to provide high quality solutions to those who need outsource vendors. Our Blue Diamond Brand began in 1992, and we currently design and build custom furnaces for any known “areas of pain” such as space requirements, government specifications, and operational costs.

Job Summary:

The Project Manager will be responsible for building customer OEM furnace builds. The Project Manager must maintain good communication with the client. The Project Manager will be responsible to oversee all relevant departments, mechanical, electrical, and refractory, to include working with vendors to complete jobs.

1. Responsibilities

A. Safety

  • Promote and engage in a safe work environment
  • Report safety incidents
  • Display good housekeeping in work areas
  • Ensure adherence to OSHA and Onex safety policies

B. Work Tasks

  • Understand Combustion blueprints – blowers, burners, piping
  • Understand Electrical system/blueprints – flame safety, logic, process controls (programming
  • Understand and install steel, piping, door open/close clamping mechanisms
  • Provide knowledge and mentoring to salesmen, draftsmen and service technicians when required
  • Use and maintaining tools and equipment
  • Ensure refractory design is implemented into OEM accurately
  • Identify areas of cost savings and improve efficiency

C. Supervision

  • Understand and consistently applies Onex’s policies
  • Make and enforce disciplinary decisions
  • Communicate and assign tasks to the crew
  • Ensuring crew compliance with company and customer policies and procedures
  • Recommending personnel actions such as hiring, terminating, promotions and discipline

D. Planning and Scheduling

  • Attends client pre-job meetings
  • Procures bill of materials for job
  • Coordinates construction and delivery of equipment

E. Productivity

  • Completes work in a timely manner with proper crew size and skill
  • Works with crew to overcome challenges to keep the job on schedule
  • Reports daily progress to salesman
  • Identify ways to improve efficiency
  • Onsite assessment prior to commencing work to ensure all equipment and material have arrived,
    and addressing any concerns

F. Quality

  • Ensures job scope was completed on time and on budget
  • Ensures proper installation techniques were used

G. Client Interface

  • Communicates effectively with the client
  • Prospects with clients for future needs/opportunities
  • Obtains written authorization for change orders
  • Obtains written sign-offs from clients on all jobs

H. Administration

  • Track all cost and aspects of furnace build through Viewpoint
  • Provide technical write up for furnace operation, including preventative maintenance and spare
  • Completes required reports and turns them in on time (i.e. contracted work order signed by client,
    change orders signed by client, daily timesheet, photos of credit card receipts, weekly toolbox
    safety talks, broken equipment report, material returns, new hire forms, safety incident report,
    communication with salesman on progress daily)

2. Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Others


  • OSHA
  • Company Policies
  • MS Office
  • Employment Standards
  • AutoCAD Inventor


  • Management and Coaching Skills
    • Motivating, developing, and directing people, allocating work and resources effectively.
  • Problem Solving
    • Finding solutions to difficult or complex issues.
  • Administrative Skill
    • Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work Responsibilities, Information Ordering.
  • Multi-Tasking
    • Deal with more than one task at the same time.
  • Social Perceptiveness
    • Awareness and understanding of others’ reactions.
  • Monitoring
    • Assessing performance and conduct of self, other individuals to make improvements or
      take corrective action.
  • Active Listening
    • Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points
      being made.
  • Time Management
    • Managing one’s own time and the time of others.
  • Collaboration
    • Working well together with others.
  • Resource Utilization
    • The ability to effectively use the available resources, including equipment and personnel
      to meet objectives.


  • Oral Comprehension and Expression
    • The ability to speak with and listen to others, and understand information and ideas
      presented through spoken words and sentences.
  • Written Comprehension and Expression
    • The ability to write and read, speak and listen to, and understand information and ideas
      presented through written words and sentences.
  • Detail-Oriented
    • Careful about details, concise and thorough in performance.
  • Numerical Ability
    • Utilize basic calculations effectively, mathematical reasoning and formulas to solve
      problems based on numerical data.

Physical Requirements

  • Requires moving one’s whole body such as climbing, lifting, kneeling, balancing, walking,
    stooping and bending
  • Activities often require considerable use and coordination of the arms, hands, fingers and legs
    such as the physical handling of equipment and materials
  • Requires stamina to physical exertion over long periods of time
  • Must be able to move or handle equipment and materials generally weighing up to 100 pounds
  • Subject to random Drug Testing
  • Wear PPE in field environment


  • Respect for Others
    • Willing to treat other people politely and professionally, even if they disagree with the
      other person’s point of view.
  • Infectious Enthusiasm
    • Approach every situation, positive or negative, as a challenge and an opportunity.
  • Commitment to the Job
    • A willingness to do whatever it takes to fulfill the duties of their positions and via the
      development of new ideas to make the company even better.
  • Innovative Ideas
    • Think outside of the box and innovate new ways to accomplish existing tasks and
      approach goals.
  • Helpfulness
    • Assisting clients and customers with their needs or helping co-workers accomplish
      overall company goals.
  • Acts with Integrity
    • Follow your moral or ethical convictions and doing the right thing, even when no one is
  • Attention to Detail
    • Achieves thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task. Provides accurate,
      consistent numbers on all paperwork.
  • Workplace Coaching
    • Process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to
      fully develop themselves to be effective in their commitment to themselves, the company,
      and their work.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field
  • 10 years relevant experience
  • Certification in project management preferred
  • OSHA 10 Hour
  • Valid US driver’s license

Work Environment

  • Travel frequently
  • Indoors, industrial environment
  • Moving mechanical parts
  • Fumes or airborne particles
  • Exposed to high temperatures
  • Risk of electrical shock and vibration
  • Loud noise levels

Erie Location

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Erie, PA 16511
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Pittsburgh Location

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E: info@onexinc.com

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