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Furnace Maintenance: Combustion Training

Maintenance workers are busy individuals working on many different pieces of equipment each day.  How can they be an expert in everything?  The good news is they do not have to be an expert in industrial furnaces. 

Is your furnace showing an error code? Will it meet survey requirements? Our training can help you determine the problem. Then, Onex can work with you to solve the problems together.

In order for maintenance workers to feel confident operating this high temperature equipment, Onex offers onsite training in maintaining safe, reliable and efficient operation of industrial furnaces.

Customized for Your Needs

Different clients have different operational requirements. This means that the problems require different solutions. Onex’s expert staff of technicians will develop a custom-built combustion training program for your unique processes, equipment and personnel. Then, we provide hands-on training onsite using your high temperature equipment. Trainees can include managers, operators, electricians and mill wrights.

Course Preparation

Have you identified an area where maintenance needs training? Onex technicians will visit your facility to take photos of all the combustion components on your industrial furnace. As Figure 1 shows, the photos will have all the combustion components labeled.

Figure 1. Combustion Components Labelled.

In addition, you will need to supply electrical drawings for the industrial furnace as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Electrical Drawing for Industrial Furnace.

Combustion Training Manual Preparation

After the initial site visit, an Onex technician will use the photos and electrical drawings to create a custom training manual for the course. In the future, your new manual can also be used to train new hires on proper furnace operation and maintenance.

Hands-On Combustion Training

Upon return to your facility, Onex will train personnel on the proper furnace operation and maintenance. A benefit of our hands-on training is that plant personnel will troubleshoot and tune the furnace right alongside Onex’s technician .

Problem Solved

After the hands-on training course, trainees will know how to properly operate, inspect and maintain the furnace. Also, operators will be able to call Onex to troubleshoot issues on the fly. This saves the plant from costly downtime and increasing the production capacity.

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