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Combustion Training

How Onex Can Help

Most personnel are not adequately trained in the safe start-up/shutdown, daily operation, inspection and maintenance procedures of combustion equipment. Onex offers onsite training designed to provide long term, sustainable programs for maintaining the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of your industrial furnaces. Combustion training provides the necessary tools to empower you and your personnel to safely operate, troubleshoot, inspect and maintain fuel-fired equipment.

Customized For Your Needs

Every operation is different and “one size fits all” solutions do not work.  Onex’s expert staff of technicians will develop a custom-built training program for your unique processes, equipment and people. Hands-on training is provided to your team on-site utilizing your facility equipment for demonstrations. Trainees can including managers, operators, and skilled trades.

STAGE 1: Course Preparation

Identify the furnace(s) you need trained on.  Onex technicians will visit the facility and take photos of all the combustion components. The photos will have all the components labeled, as Figure 1 shows.


Figure 1.  Photo with combustion components labelled.


1. You will supply electrical drawings for the furnace such as the one shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Electrical drawings provided by client.

STAGE 2: Your Custom Training Manual

An Onex technician will use the photos and electrical drawings to create a custom training manual for the course as well as be used in the future to train new hires.

STAGE 3: Hands-On Training

An Onex technician will return to your facility to train personnel on the furnace operation while troubleshooting and tuning the furnace with the plant personnel as required.

Problem Solved

After the hands-on training course, trainees will know how to properly operate, inspect and maintain the furnace. Operators will also be able to call Onex to troubleshoot issues on the fly saving the plant from costly downtime and increasing the production capacity.

Onex’s training services dramatically reduce the risk of combustion system accidents; helping to cut costs, extend equipment life, and more importantly, enhance safety.

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