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At Onex, we use the most advanced technology to locate problems within your furnace that can interrupt normal operations. Issues may include temperature uniformity or hot spots in the refractory lining. These problems can lead to increased fuel costs and unsafe operating environments. Our experts use FLIR thermography cameras to see visual representations of the furnace lining in real time which allows us to detect problems earlier and save you costly downtime.

Failure Analysis

Our technicians will analyze the performance of your heat intensive equipment by assessing the combustion controls and system as well as the refractory lining. If a failure is detected, we will recommend solutions including repairs, replacements or upgrades to allow your equipment to perform at its highest capability.

Continuous Improvement

At Onex, we believe that the key to success is continuous improvement.  Onex will collaborate with you to identify the root cause of a failure, develop a corrective plan and evaluate results to ensure your equipment is running properly. We will partner with you to reduce your costs and increase your throughput ensuring your company remains competitive in today’s market.


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