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Heat Treat and Partnering For Your Future

Quenching Systems

As we begin 2021, what has your company done to prepare for the future? Have you kept up with today’s pace of change, or are you falling behind on the brink of irrelevancy? Customers demand service and convenience now more than ever. Simply polishing your current list of offerings may hinder your success. Help your company advance its revenue opportunities by adding more in-house services and capabilities, such as heat treating.

Heat Treating Market

Nearly all industrial manufacturing requires a heat treating process. By 2025, it is expected that the global heat treating market will grow to a value of USD 122.34 billion. This market was previously valued at just 90.73 billion in 2017.

Industry growth is coming your way and with it will come change. Preparing your company for this change is vital to your business model to avoid elimination. It is time for your company to take advantage of the opportunities of today before the innovations of tomorrow are here.

How to Compete

Strategy is crucial in strengthening your company’s position in the forging trade. While other companies rely on outsourcing, your company will advance by incorporating standard industry practices into your internal structure. Investing in heat treating and quenching systems will generate new business and new revenue opportunities. You will also benefit by controlling productivity, quality, and efficiency while offering your customers the convenience of using one source.

Onex offers a variety of heat treating furnaces, quenching systems, and consulting services to meet your needs. Partnering with us gives your company the chance to compete with those who may already be ahead. Our experienced employee-owners will work with you to implement a PDCA (plan-do-check-act) project cycle, ensuring that your company yields endless improvement. Prepare for your future by contacting us today for an on-site consultation.

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