hot Ingot Transportation

Onex engineered a Hot Box system to keep steel ingots hot during transportation between facilities. This equipment allows steel ingots to be transported from an producer to a processing operation while maintaining the metal temperature. 

Maintain Ingot Temperature 

In our competitor’s equipment, the ingot lost 150F in temperature in transit.  The same load in Onex’s system lost 50F in ingot temperature while the hot box provided more protection for the truck trailer. 

Greater Payload per Shipment

Our Hot Box features a lighter weight design than our competitor’s.  With a lighter piece of equipment, the client is able to increase the weight of the ingots being transported while staying below the DOT gross weight requirement. 

Shorter Setup Time 

Tie down points are incorporated into the design to allow secure loading. This also reduces driver setup time between loads. The design also includes location pins to help accurately lower box reducing damage to the box and insulation. 


The Hot Box system features an insulated safety lining protected by a steel plate. A primary working lining sits on top of the steel plate.  Should the working lining be compromised, the truck bed will not be damaged because of the insulating lining and an air gap between the Hot Box and the truck bed. 

Low Maintenance

The rounded lid design mitigates the accumulation of snow and reduces corrosion caused by road salt. 


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