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Melters and Holders

1500# and 2000# Aluminum Tilter/Melter

Our advanced technology enables our customers to be more competitive in the workplace. The Blue Diamond Aluminum Tilter/Melter melts faster, enhances performance and improves your production capabilities.


The Blue Diamond Tilter/Melter allows for a fast melt rate with 1500# and 2000#’s tapped every 90 minutes. The melting capabilities are conveniently located to production cells which allows for an efficient production process.







The performance of our Aluminum Tilter/Melter exceeds any competitor. You can charge, melt and tap within 90 minutes and reduce energy costs by reducing the amount of time spent holding molten metal.







The Aluminum Titler/Melter increases your product offerings to your customers by offering smaller batch jobs and allowing to change grades as needed. It will also increase metal output due to the quick turnaround of charging, melting, and tapping the metal every 90 minutes.





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