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Forge furnaces operate under some of the most extreme high temperature conditions in the steel industry. Furnace refractories are critical to the forging process and failures cause loss of production. HTZ Ceramic Fiber Module Shrinkage is a leading cause of premature failures in furnace linings. Polycrystalline fiber is a material that shows very low shrinkage and stand up to these furnace environments. Polycrystalline exhibits excellent lining life however a fiber module composed of pure polycrystalline is about four (4) times more expensive than a traditional HTZ module.

Developments in fiber modules have recently been brought to market to exploit the benefits of polycrystalline while providing a cost-effective solution for furnace linings. Combination modules combine polycrystalline at the hot face where shrinkage occurs and incorporates HTZ fiber for the remainder of the module. The modules incorporate a precision cut locking system allowing the polycrystalline to mate with the HTZ fiber without mechanical fasteners or adhesives.


  • Backed by two-year warranty
  • Faster temperature cycling
  • Lower heat storage
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Resistance to thermal shock and spalling
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Thermal Shock Resistant
  • Resistance to alkaline attacks

Module Specifications:

  • Standard: 12x12x24”
  • T joint interlock design eliminates the use of mechanical fasteners
  • ONEX SureWeld Anchoring System
  • Zirconia Free which reduces shrinkage


Field Services:

  • Heat flow analysis
  • Thermal imaging
  • Installation
  • Turnkey retrofits of an existing furnace
  • Engineering – refractory design

Statement about Rath Agreement:

Combi Modules are just one example of how we are continually innovating for our customers and finding the best solution for their needs. With our new partnership with Rath, we will soon have Rath Combi Modules in stock. This will eliminate the 12-week lead time, provide installation of the material and give you an unprecedented 2-year warranty on the modules.


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