die casting equipment

Designed for You

Onex can help you increase productivity by engineering and fabricating custom aluminum or zinc melting and holding furnaces. Working alongside you, our team will design a furnace that meets not only your process and quality requirements but will also fit within your spatial constraints. Our engineers use 3D design software to create blueprints ensuring the equipment is built to your specifications 


From gas and electric configurations to dry hearth and reverb furnaces, we work alongside you to engineer a design fit for your operations.  

Build and Ship Capabilities

Aluminum and zinc melting and holding furnaces will be built in our Erie facility and include the refractory lining and combustion piping.  The control panel will be wired and programmed prior to arrival. The completed furnace will be shipped to your facility ready for installation by your team or ours. 

Training and Aftermarket Service

Our technicians provide operator’s training upon installation of the furnace at your facility. Onex also provides aftermarket combustion and refractory services to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment at all times. 

Work With Us

Are you in need of equipment or services? We are happy to answer any questions, collaborate, and help find the solution to your needs.