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Precast Shapes


mold manufacturingprecast-refractory-mold-manufacturerAt Onex, we design and build custom molds for your precast shapes.  The mold required will be based on your total quantity and delivery requirements. Mold fabrication will use Styrofoam, wood, metal, rubber or a variation of materials.

Precast Shapes

Our expert technicians ensure we produce the highest quality precast shapes. We are able to manufacture precast from the most common to highly complex shapes. Since we represent multiple refractory manufacturers, we are able to recommend the best material for your operational requirements.

The Importance of Cool Down

Control CooldownThe firing and cool down process is the most important step of making quality precast.  Onex furnaces can not only do regular dry out cycles but we can also high fire and control cool downs. High firing precast shapes up to 2200° F causes not only the water to be driven out of the product but also a chemical phase change increasing the strength of the shape. During controlled cool downs, we can reduce the temperature at a fixed rate to prevent the precast from cracking.


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