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The Advancement of Precast Technology

Onex began manufacturing precast shapes over 45 years ago during the days of simple shapes. Not much was seen besides rectangle and square shapes. But through the years, as castable technology improved, so did Onex’s precast capabilities. We take pride in our ability to provide state of the art precast shapes to the marketplace. Our team is able to manufacture complicated shapes and qualities that were not even considered years ago.

With capabilities supported by 3D printing, 5 axis CNC machines, numerous new molding technologies and molding medias, combined with investment in mixers, vibration tables and process furnace upgrades have brought Onex to this point: A major supplier of precast shapes to all heat intensive industries, continuing to push the boundaries of what we can do for our customers.

We now have the capabilities to manufacture the most complex shapes including shiplaps, radiused corners, thru-holes and tapers. As leading innovators in the field and with millions of pounds of precast manufactured and shipped, we are certainly prepared to take on any challenge thrown our way.

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Onex is always available to:

  • Review your needs and issues for a technical approach to any problem solving required
  • Source the most technically appropriate, cost effective, best available technology in the industry
  • Provide the best available molding technology
  • Cast a completed, superior product, fired to your specification
  • Provide follow-up support
  • Provide tolling services based upon your design

Consider Onex to manufacture shapes such as bolsters, jambs, continuous casting furniture, hearth tiles, burner blocks and tubes, roof tiles. We can help with any refractory needs.

We are eager to continue building partnerships that allow us to provide our customer base with the best precast possible.

Onex’s further advantages include:

  • Over 45 years in the refractory business
  • State of the art equipment
  • Calibrated and surveyed furnaces for controlled firings of shapes
  • High fire capabilities for shapes as required or requested
  • skilled production staff
  • Mold fabrication shop
  • Combustion and controls division to monitor process furnaces
  • Many materials available in our warehouses for quick turns
  • Technical and engineering services

Thank you for your considerations as we want to be your partner in finding solutions to your problems.