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Manufacturing high-quality, custom precast refractory shapes is at the heart of what we do every day at Onex.

custom molds

With advanced technology, we are able to design molds for precast refractory shapes out of wood, steel, rubber, nylon and styrofoam. We have the ability to fabricate molds for any precast shape, no matter the dimensions.

Cure and dry out

After the precast shapes are poured and have endured their curing period, our specialists will demold the shapes, inspect them and load them into the furnace where they will be dried out. Our furnaces can high-fire up to 2000F and can run slow cool down cycles to ensure the shapes set properly.

mixing and vibration

Onex represents a variety of high-quality refractory manufacturers and can help determine the best mixture for your operational requirements. With a multitude of different mixers and vibration tables, we can work together to make a custom shape to best suit your needs. 


Our shipping department wraps, packages and creates a schedule for the precast shapes to be shipped directly to your facility. Our team has the ability to ship precast shapes anywhere and are able to brand the packages accordingly.

work with us

Are you in need of quality precast refractory shapes? We are happy to answer any questions, collaborate, and help you get the materials you need.

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