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Preventative vs Predictive Maintenance

Industrial Furnace Maintenance

Current and emerging technologies are driving future possibilities of maintenance toward predictive and preventative maintenance strategies to create high quality products, incur less downtime, and provide a safe work environment. Regular maintenance has become an important investment to manufacturers to cut costs and become a lean manufacturer. Where do you start? Our goal is to encourage manufacturers to learn standard maintenance procedures and encompass a proactive, rather than a reactive, environment to optimize equipment performance and life. The regular examination, inspection, lubrication, testing and adjustments of equipment will reduce rate of deterioration and increase production.

But first, what is predictive and preventative maintenance?

Predictive maintenance are activities that are carried out as the machines run in their normal production modules. These activities include testing and measuring techniques to determine equipment status before a breakdown occurs. Preventative maintenance are tasks that are completed when machines are shutdown. These tasks include combustion components replacements, cleaning the furnace, and repairs to the refractory of the furnace.

Are you losing out?

Without proper Predictive/Preventative maintenance measures, manufacturers are unknowingly increasing unscheduled downtime. Without these measures taken, manufacturers can expect the following:

  1. Low equipment utilization due to unscheduled stoppages
  2. High wait or idle time for machine operators during outages
  3. High scrap and rejects indicative of quality problems
  4. Higher than normal repair costs due to neglect of proper lubrication inspections or service
  5. Decrease in the expected life of capital investments due to inadequate maintenance

Proactive or reactive? Which one are you? We want to help! To minimized unscheduled downtime, call us! At Onex, we can determine and execute the best furnace maintenance program for you and work with your schedule to increase efficiency and reliability.

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