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Streamline Purchasing Refractory Materials

Refractory Brick and Mortar

Sourcing refractory materials for your business can be a time-consuming process. Even a simple purchase order may require many complex steps and resources.

  • If you haven’t worked with a supplier in the past, or you don’t have a referral, you will have to search for one.
  • Do they carry the materials you need? In house stock or special orders? Pricing? Typical lead times? Product quality? Are they a reliable vendor? Opinions of their prior customers?
  • Before you request a quote, you will need to estimate material requirements, review quantities on hand, and determine the impact of lead times.
  • When you decide to request a quote, are they responsive? How long before they get back to you?
  • And finally… you have to negotiate price and payment terms.

This complex process is prone to errors, especially if the purchase assumptions are calculated quickly and manually. Correcting errors and negotiating with the supplier takes away valuable time. Your purchasing team should be focused on adding value not this endless cycle.

Partner with Your Suppliers

In today’s hectic manufacturing market, partnering with a trusted supplier like Onex can give you a strategic advantage. Rely on our expertise to help you save time and money. Our procurement experts place substantial material orders on a daily basis. We have the knowledge and experience to accurately predict demand and proactively solve supply chain problems for you. As a strategic buyer, Onex leverages long standing supplier relationships with wide availability, low market prices, and the best product options. We can also help with special arrangements such as consignment, or stock agreements, as well as secondary costs such as transportation and broken pallet fees.

Streamline Purchasing Processes

  • Improve Budgeting, Forecasting and Projected Volumes: Onex can help you setup a one-time blanket purchase order with flexible releases.
  • Reduce Vendor Complexity: Reduce your number of suppliers by redirecting purchases from many to one. Free yourself of the tail-spend and have us manage it for you. We will take the 80% of accounts that make up 20% of your spend and consolidate it.
  • Reduce Stock and Apply Just in Time (JIT) Principles: Don’t carry expensive unused inventory, rely on Onex for fresh materials only when needed.
  • You Are in Control: We are your partner, so you always have control over your purchasing. Onex will work with you to get it right and suggest ways to improve your overall budget.
  • Reduce Downtime: Preventable errors are the leading cause of work stoppage. Don’t let your business run out of crucial supplies when you need them most. Onex will monitor your materials and let you know when it is time to reorder.
  • Improve Processes: Engage Onex to investigate, source, and recommend trials to replace dated techniques.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Unexpected failures put a stress on procurement and the whole operation. Let Onex’s expert refractory engineers solve maintenance issues and make repairs before you have a problem and coordinate with you to ensure the operation runs smoothly.

Make the most out of your relationship with Onex. Let’s discuss your projects and procurement needs, especially in the early phase. We can negotiate and manage your material procurement to help you succeed. Onex can also help you with your projects, realize your designs, optimize supply chain, and establish effective service to keep you ahead of problems. Because… when you do well, we do well.

Contact Onex today to learn what your partnership means to us.

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