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Refractory Installation

Design & Project Management for Refractory Installation

Project Management

When a refractory failure occurs, the facility operators usually assume it’s one of two things; bad installation or bad materials, however, it might not be that simple. Many factors can determine the cause of premature refractory construction failure. At Onex, we start with design and analyze all components of the furnace to determine where and why your systems are failing. Then, given your situation we can either rebuild the most vulnerable portions of the construction or redesign a complete furnace with materials which have higher refractoriness. Our designs can offer the use of the best materials and the proper applications that can decrease down time and reduce costs. We will execute your refractory and combustion projects allowing you to stay focused on daily operations. Our expert staff will communicate with you ensuring the project meets your goals and objectives.

If you have questions about your design capabilities or need insight on ways you can improve your refractory failures, give us a call.


Demolition & Tear Out

refractory-contractor-demolitionOnex offers quick and well managed demolition and tear out services. We choose the best and most efficient equipment depending on the scope of the project. As the industrial furnace experts, Onex ensures that your tear out or demolition is done properly, safely, on time and on budget.




Onex will help you design a refractory lining to meet your specific objectives. Our refractory construction masons are trained professionals in all refractory material installation methods.

If you’re considering a refractory application that requires a monolithic castable refractory, we offer the four main installation methods:

  • Casting
  • Shotcrete
  • Gunite
  • Ram


We are not limited to monolithic linings as they are not always the best choice. We offer the following applications, as well:

  • Brick Laying
    • Ceramic Fiber Lining
    • Wall Paper
    • Modular
    • Stack Bonded
    • Modular Construction

In-house Design Team

Onex’s design team will help you design your refractory lining based on the following considerations:

  • Safety and environmental factors
  • Operating equipment requirements
  • Volume required
  • Storage conditions
  • Curing requirements
  • Budget
  • Time constraints


We offer in house dryout services for when installation is complete. Customers can use this feature to have their furnaces properly cured and up to operating temperature following the material manufactures heat up schedule. We provide a chart recorder so that you have documentation that the proper schedule was adhered to.

Our dryout units can also be used in the case of a burner failure.  They also keep your furnace hot while a burner is being replaced.


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