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Refractory Materials and Combustion Spare Parts

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Our professional team specializes in just-in-time delivery and blanket orders to best meet your needs. With our variety of products, domestic and international, we will work with you to find the best materials for the job.

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refractory materials

Onex offers a variety of refractory materials to fit your application in heat intensive industries such as castable, plastic ram, firebrick, mortar and ceramic fiber products. Onex has many partners in our portfolio including Vesuvius, Allied Mineral Products, HarbisonWalker, and Resco Products allowing us to recommend and source the best refractory material for your project.

Combustion Spare Parts

Combustion spare parts

Onex technicians are able to¬†supply you with OEM combustion spare parts or¬†help¬†you find an equivalent ¬†part¬†that may be expedited for emergency situations. Our combustion spare parts include, but are not limited to inductors, ignitors, flame rods, thermocouples and burner tiles.‚ÄĮWe can source parts from Fives North American Combustion,¬†¬†Allen Bradley,¬†and Honeywell¬†which now includes¬†Maxon¬†and¬†Eclipse.¬†¬†¬†

Refractory Selection: Brick is Best

During the past 40 years in the refractory industry, I have seen, and been part of the continuing effort to develop monolithic refractories as the go to product for most of the heat intensive industries. However, there are still applications where brick is a better choice.

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Do you need refractory materials or combustion spare parts? We are happy to help.