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Shutdown Season

Making the Most of Your Yearly Tune-up

Annual shutdowns can be challenging for both production and your team. Equipment needs repair, systems need testing, and people need to be organized and efficient. That said, with thoughtful planning, your annual shutdown can be highly productive and successful.

Why an Annual Shutdown?

Preventative maintenance is essential to get the most out of your machinery and operations. Plant performance increases when operating renewed machinery. Maintained machines help reduce energy and material costs, as well as improve safety and reduces waste. Realistically, during the course of the year, many issues are overlooked or postponed due to operational priorities. This can lead to unexpected problems or, worse, a sudden work stoppage. Lost production costs money and time so it is critical to address these issues when you have the opportunity. Planning your seasonal shutdown ensures that your facility addresses these risks. Whether you need a complete refractory overhaul or just a combustion tune-up, a scheduled shutdown is the best time to do it.

Manage Your Down Time

Preparation is the key to a successful shutdown:

  • Decide what requires repair and define the scope of work for each area of your plant. Can this issue wait, or does it need to be repaired now?
  • Carefully organize your shutdown between all department heads and identify tasks that need completing first.
  • Determine who will be completing the work. Machinery should be adequately serviced by professionals every year.
  • Remember, the work begins before the shutdown ever starts!

When you schedule late, you may have to wait!

Good preparation means getting your service provider scheduled soon than later:

  • Most plants choose the summer months for shutdowns to avoid working in extreme plant temperatures. Obviously those dates fill up quickly!
  • An ideal date for a scheduled shutdown is often between projects. By planning ahead, you are more likely to secure the best date for you.
  • Waiting until the last minute to book service may mean you have to accept a date which is not ideal for your operation.
  • Service technicians also need time to procure resources before starting work. Scheduling your service in advance allows them to work more efficiently and can shorten the time on site.

Onex Makes the Difference

Onex has a reputation for treating our clients like part of our family. We work closely with you to schedule the best time for your shutdown. We also offer annual maintenance agreements so that you can always lock in your preferred date. Onex will manage your service professionally and efficiently to get you up and running quickly! Contact Onex for combustion system repairs, seasonal tune-ups, yearly maintenance, refractory, precast and consultation. We can also train your team to be more effective.

Contact Onex to schedule your annual shutdown now.

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