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Success Story: Front Loading Forge Furnace

Front Loading Forge Furnace

Onex has over 50 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and servicing furnaces for heat intensive industries. Our team has the technical expertise required to support all furnace related needs. Furthermore, the most recent furnace build is just one example of how we offer the best in class, custom solutions that gives a lower total cost of ownership. The Front-Loading Forge Furnace was fabricated in western Pennsylvania using USA made steel. This furnace was designed by Onex for one of the largest Forging Companies in North America.

It features:

  • Combination module roof which is less costly than a full polycrystalline lining and shrinks less than ceramic fiber containing zirconia
  • Engineered lintel system that is more durable providing a longer life than traditional refractory lintels

Onex’s experienced team worked closely with our client to evaluate their production needs and design a furnace that fit their operation. Therefore, Onex will continue to maintain the furnace ensuring it operates at peak performance.