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Time to Tune-up

Taking Care of Business

Did you know it is recommended that you service your industrial furnace combustion system every 6 months to ensure it is running optimally? Without regular maintenance, you may be putting your business at risk due to unexpected shutdowns, delays, or worse. Most operations today have highly efficient lean production and cannot afford even the shortest outage.

Efficiency is key not only for your business, but for your furnace as well. Normal wear and tear is expected, however major malfunctions often result from minor issues that have been overlooked or left unaddressed. Poorly tuned combustion furnaces cause energy loss and increased operational costs. Other issues such as incorrectly installed components and electronic control faults are serious safety concerns. These problems are a simple fix when caught early. But, if left unattended, you can expect costly replacements and prolonged equipment shutdowns.

Who are you gonna call?

As many experienced technicians retire, it is becoming harder to find workers who are qualified to maintain combustion systems. At Onex, we are combustion system experts. Onex has over 25 years of experience working with industrial furnaces, refractory, and combustion systems. Since 1992, Onex has designed and built our own industrial furnaces under our Blue Diamond Furnace Brand. Onex has the experience and expertise to ensure your combustion system continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Onex Will Keep You Fired-up

Tune Ups

Worried about energy costs? A tune-up will ensure proper air flow and efficient combustion. Onex can perform tune-ups and repairs as needed. As always, we provide our clients a service report detailing “as found” and “as left” conditions as well as any recommendations for refractory, mechanical repairs or safety upgrades.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

In addition to tuning up systems as needed, Onex recommends and offers annual maintenance agreements to schedule comprehensive servicing of your furnace combustion and refractory systems. Waiting to schedule until summer can lead to delays. Schedule annual maintenance now.

Onsite Support & Training

While we are servicing your system, Onex can help train your maintenance team, so they are better prepared to troubleshoot problems, identify potentially dangerous conditions and communicate issues effectively with management. Check out Onex’s Virtual Training on You Tube. Proper training will help your team get ahead of problems, improve equipment reliability, lower operational costs and decrease down time.

Survey Preparation

Prepare your equipment for industry changes. When your clients require a new survey zone requirement, Onex can help you determine if your furnace is able to meet the requirement in its required current condition. We can recommend upgrades to meet the requirement. Then, we can setup the furnace to ensure it will meet the third-party survey requirements.

Upgrades and Retrofits

New systems are costly investments. Our highly trained technicians can repair and upgrade combustion systems & controls to extend their life.

Contact Onex for combustion system seasonal tune-ups, annual maintenance and consultation. We can also train your team to be more effective allowing you to focus on moving your business forward.

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