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Combustion Services


Combustion Tune-Ups

Onex offers a variety of combustion services including system tune-ups. Our specialists will check air and gas lines for leaks and inspect valves and air flow. For optimum efficiency, our combustion service technicians will regulate the air-fuel ratio for your equipment. During the tune up, we will also inspect the refractory and mechanical equipment as well as document any recommended repairs.

Preventative Maintenance

In order to reduce unplanned down-time, our technicians provide preventative maintenance on combustion systems.  We recommend this service is scheduled in advance to ensure all combustion systems and controls on your furnace are fully functioning to the highest standards. Additionally, Onex can train your maintenance team to troubleshoot, identify problems, and resolve minor issues between planned shutdowns. With a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan, the cost and lost productivity of an outage can often be avoided. If your maintenance crew is small or overextended, Onex offers annual maintenance agreements.

Survey Preparation

Onex can assist with survey preparation by inspecting your furnace beforehand to identify any potential issues. If the furnace will not meet the survey requirements, our team of experts will document the needed reap and provide our combustion services as needed.

Upgrades and Retrofits

Our team can upgrade your combustion system to save energy and increase productivity because over time equipment inevitably wears. Whether you require a system upgrade or a complete retrofit, Onex will work with you to select the most cost effective solution for your unique needs.


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