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Peak performance

Trust in our team of expert combustion service technicians to get your furnace operating at peak performance.

combustion spare parts


In order to reduce unplanned downtime, our technicians provide preventative maintenance on your combustion system to maximize uptime. Routine maintenance ensures all combustion systems and controls are fully functioning which decreases the chances of lost production time, operational costs and ensures the furnace is operating safely.



Our combustion service team can upgrade your system to save energy, meet current NFPA86 regulatory compliance, and increase productivity. Whether you require a system upgrade or a complete retrofit, Onex will work with you to select the most effective solution for your unique needs and operation. To meet your safety and operational requirements, our control panels are based on your specific equipment and plant networking requirements.

Onex Box Furnaces combustion

inspections and Survey Prep

Yearly combustion system inspections check gas lines for leaks, clean valves ensuring proper airflow and adjust the air-fuel ratio as needed. Our technicians will provide a spare parts list and document recommended repairs or upgrades. Our team will help setup for a survey, making any alternations to make sure your system passes the test.

combustion troubleshooting


Education is important, knowledge is key. With any industrial furnace, knowing how to properly operate, maintain, and troubleshoot allows the customer to operate with autonomy and allows your team to communicate effectively with Onex.

Whether in person, or remote, Onex personnel can provide tailored training solutions on a vast number of topics. Combustion 101, safety, controls, refractory and furnace operation are just a few of the sessions we have provided.

work with us

We can help with any of your combustion system needs. We are happy to answer any questions, collaborate, and help you.