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Ladle Preheaters

ladle preheaters

maximizing refractory life


Ladle preheaters are an important piece of equipment in applications where molten metal is poured into a refractory lined ladle. Onex has the experience in partnering with our customers to design a preheater to maximize the life of the refractory and the ladle itself.  


Whether you’re looking for a horizontal or vertical preheater, Onex has it designed. Work with the team to provide a few basic process parameters, choose standalone or PLC controlled, and let Onex take it from there. We have experience in design and configuration of all Allen Bradley, Honeywell, and Watlo controls and systems.    


Onex can design a refractory system that will work in conjunction with a preheater to prolong the life of the lining. The preheater aids in creating the temperature uniformity, which allows the refractory to be brought to operating temperature, avoiding thermal shock and potential immediate refractory failure.  


Our in-house team of combustion experts design the burners and combustion system to create an even fast heat inside the ladle. Based on the available plant supply gas and electric configuration, we have a portfolio of burners to choose from. When possible, we utilize high velocity burners from Fives North American, Bloom, or Eclipse that aid in the swirl effect needed to heat the unit uniformly.  


Our standard designed systems can either be stationary or on a portable designed cart, allowing for easy transportation throughout your plant. When choosing a portable cart, Onex takes special consideration in the safe design of the combustion and electrical systems to make sure  they can be easily moved and disconnected.  

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Do you need help optimizing the refractory life of your ladle? We would be happy to answer any questions and partner with you.