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Refractory Materials

Onex offers a variety of refractory materials to best serve heat intensive industries


Castables are shipped dry and mixed water before installation. Castable can be poured, troweled or installed with a gunnite machine. The base materials include fireclay, high alumina, chrome and insulating aggregates while additives can make the castable more resistant to abrasion and chemical spalling or non-wetting to aluminum.

Ceramic Fiber Products

Ceramic fiber products are characterized by their low heat storage, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, light weight and corrosion resistance. We sell ceramic fiber board and blanket along with many other ceramic fiber products.

Refractory Brick

Onex offers options of insulating brick, alumina brick and fireclay brick. Characteristics of fireclay brick include high refractoriness, strength, low porosity, resistance to spalling and negligible shrinkage.


When bricklaying, masonry strength relies on high-quality brick, the manner of which they are laid and the mortar used in the joints. Our refractory mortar materials include heat-setting mortars which require high temperatures to allow the ceramic to set and air-setting mortars which set upon drying without a high heat chamber.

Plastic Refractories

In an emergency situation when a repair to a monolithic lining in a furnace is needed, Onex offers plastic refractories. These products can be rammed to any shape or contour with ease. Plastic refractories include fireclay, high-alumina and chrome types which are each beneficial to different operating conditions.


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