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The journey to organizational culture change starts with you, the leader.

Have the courage to take the road less traveled when you identify that change is necessary. Inspire personnel to solve problems while continuously improving processes. Learn from your failures, becoming more innovative and creative with each iteration. Know that life is full of adversity, but prepare to forge ahead and celebrate the successes along the way.

With a lot of determination, resilience, and persistence (Grit) while leading with empathy and compassion (Grace), you will accomplish goals you once thought were unattainable. In all that you do, remember to make things better.

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Grit and Grace

discovering your “Why”

Throughout this journey, I have always gone back and asked, “Why?”  It is a gut check for me and a chance to reflect.  If something doesn’t feel right, I ask, “Why?”  If I am asked to participate in an event, I think about whether the time involved will support my why.

How do you find your why? To assist you along your journey, I am developing a series of one page exercises.  The exercises fall into one of two buckets…your personal growth or your team’s growth.

Have fun discovering your own why!


leadership team WORKSHEETS

Leading with Grit and Grace

Ashleigh Walters and her family relocated to the Rust Belt town of Erie, Pennsylvania, in an attempt to revive her husband’s family’s 54-year-old business. She used the problem-solving skills she obtained while earning her BS in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University and was able to change the company culture by using a coach approach leadership style. Ashleigh regularly shares her story with fellow leaders and encourages them to “make things better” by continuously improving processes.